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Disinfect Med products are perfect for sterilizing anywhere that’s indoors

Service sector

Gyms, swimming pools, SPA’s, schools, child care, clubs, canteens


Restaurants, bars, hotels, guest houses, camping, catering


Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, dental clinics, wellness and beauty centers, ambulances


Livestock, poultry, sheep, pigs, horses, beekeeping, zoo, circus

Watch our disinfectant sprayers work effectively

Put your Disinfect Med machine in your room of choice, activate it, and let it disinfect the whole room in a matter of minutes. The disinfection machines come in different sizes to fit your exact needs.

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Easy to use

How do our disinfection machines work?

Our patented machines spray out a special disinfectant into the room, making sure that all surfaces are sterilized. That means a safe and worry-free environment for your customers, co-workers, and you.

Our machines come in different models for all use-cases and room sizes. Starting from our smallest machine the D-Med 30, that covers an area of 200 m³, to the D-Med 900 that covers an area of  5500 m³.

Our machines and disinfectants are completely safe. That being said, there should not be other people in the room while the disinfectant sprayer is activated. Also, after disinfection, it is necessary to ventilate the environment before using it again.

The disinfectant sprayer machines are constructed to ensure the conversion of a disinfectant solution from the liquid state to a colloidal dispersion state. Using molecular fragmentation, the device ejects microparticles of disinfectant into the air at high speed. These disinfectant microparticles are the maximum size of 5 microns and are not wetting. Furthermore, the aerosol particles, using the airflow generated by the device, can move in the environments using the Brownian motion, sterilizing the area in a short time.

The disinfectant air particles also enter the air with a negative electrostatic charge, able to attract the bacterial cell membrane, that is positively charged. The molecular attraction facilitates contact between the particle disinfectant and the cell membrane, inducing the demolition and dissolution of the cell by lysis.

The products that will help you stay safe

Take a look at this section to determine which model suits you best. If you’re still unsure, you can simply Contact Us and one of our experts will help you decide.

D-Med 30 For small spaces
  • D-Med 30 disinfect med
  • Treated area 200m³
  • Product delivery250 ml./h
  • Power 68 Watt
D-Med 300 For medium spaces
  • Treated area 1200m³
  • Product delivery 3000 ml./h
  • Power 300 Watt
D-Med 600 For large spaces
  • Treated area 4150m³
  • Product delivery 6000 ml./h
  • Power 600 Watt
D-Med 900 For very large spaces
  • Treated area 5500m³
  • Product delivery 9000 ml./h
  • Power 900 Watt

The Haminclor disinfectant

€ 70 + VAT / 1 kg

Inventory number from the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre (LVĢMC): LV23112020/8466
According to multiple controlled laboratory experiments the Haminclor disinfectant grantees the results of Disinfect Med machines.
The disinfectant works on eliminating many strains of both bacteria and viruses. (Including the coronavirus)

1L of the disinfectant solution is made from 2 mg of disinfectant powder mixed with 1L of water.

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    Make sure that you, your customers, and your co-workers stay safe with Disinfect Med products.